Semantic Reasoning on Mobile Devices: Do Androids Dream of Efficient Reasoners?


The massive spread of mobile computing in our daily lives has attracted a huge community of mobile application (apps) developers. These developers can take advantage of the benefits of semantic technologies (such as knowledge sharing and reusing, and knowledge decoupling) to enhance their applications. Moreover, the use of semantic reasoners would enable them to create more intelligent applications capable of discovering new knowledge, inferred from the available information. However, using semantic APIs and reasoners on current mobile devices is not a trivial task. In this paper, we show that the most popular current available Description Logics (DL) reasoners can be used on Android-based devices, and detail the efforts needed to port them to the Android platform. We also analyze the performance of these reasoners on current smartphones/tablets against more than 300 ontologies from the ORE 2013 ontology set, showing that, despite a notable difference with respect to desktop computers, their use is feasible..

Journal of Web Semantics