Mobile Computing

A Knowledge-Based Approach to Enhance Provision of Location-Based Services in Wireless Environments

Location-Based Services (LBS) are attracting a great interest with the fast expansion of mobile computing nowadays. These services use the user location to customize the offered information. However, most of those services are designed for specific …

Android goes semantic

Semantic Web on smartphones


Protecting individuals' privacy from eyewear technology


Multi-CAMera Broadcasting Assistant


System for Heterogeneous mobilE Requests by Leveraging Ontological and Contextual Knowledge

Semantic Management of Location-Based Services in Wireless Environments

The context of the work presented in this thesis is mobile computing and knowledge management. We focus on the usage of semantic technologies for representation, sharing, and integration of knowledge about services (specially Location-Based Services) …

Continuous Processing of Real-Time Multimedia Requests Using Semantic Techniques

Mobile devices have penetrated our daily lives and currently smartphones and tablets are everywhere. These devices are equipped with different sensors which enable them to capture multimedia information (e.g., several cameras and microphone). …

Cooperative Network of Mobile Agents to Remotely Process User Information Requests

In this paper we introduce a network of static and mobile agents which collaborate to process information requests by mobile users. The agents help users to define their information needs, process their requests by deploying themselves on devices …

Semantic Reasoning on Mobile Devices: Do Androids Dream of Efficient Reasoners?

The massive spread of mobile computing in our daily lives has attracted a huge community of mobile application (apps) developers. These developers can take advantage of the benefits of semantic technologies (such as knowledge sharing and reusing, and …

Are Apps Going Semantic? A Systematic Review of Semantic Mobile Applications

With the widespread availability of cheap but powerful mobile devices and high-speed mobile Internet, we are witnessing an unprecedented growth in the number of mobile applications (apps). In this paper, we present a systematic review of mobile apps …