Testbed for IoT-based Privacy-Preserving PERvasive Spaces

TIPPERS is an IoT data management middleware that manages IoT smart spaces by collecting sensor data, inferring semantically meaningful information from it, and offering such inferences to developers to create smart applications. Sensor data collection, processing, and sharing leads to potential violations of people’s privacy given the sensitivity of the data and the inferences that can be extracted from it. TIPPERS integrates different Privacy Enhancing Technologies (e.g., policy-based access control, differential privacy, secure computing, etc.) to deal with privacy issues in IoT data management.

TIPPERS has been deployed in several IoT smart spaces. The main deployment is at the UC Irvine campus where it handles IoT data from more than 20 buildings. Based on such data (including connectivity logs from WiFi APs, HVAC data, video footage, etc.) TIPPERS generates inferences such as location of people and occupancy of spaces. We have developed several smart applications which use those inferences to offer personalized services to the campus inhabitants. In particular, we have recently developed COVID-19 regulation monitoring tools to assess the adherence of the community to occupancy regulations. TIPPERS has also been successfully deployed in two US Navy ships as part of the Trident Warrior 2019 and 2020 excersice.

Roberto Yus
Postdoctoral Researcher

My research interests include Data Management, Knowledge Representation, the Internet of Things, and Privacy.